So, a description might say "Lot two, block four, Oak Hills Estate, Johnson County, Kansas" and that's all. These sites can be searched with a street address or a parcel tax number for the property. Execute the correction deed. The This document can help homeowners settle property disputes and close property sales. Includes examples. 'A 15 ; This collection . Fractional descriptions use a rectangular system, which the United Stages adopted in 1787, according to the American Bar Association. A Property Easement Agreement is a document used by the owner of a property, known as a grantor, to give permission for another person, known as the grantee, to use that property, often for a limited or specific purpose.This document is an easy way to grant temporary or long-term access to land without transferring ownership entirely. The legal description of a property is a real estate document that identifies the location of a particular parcel of land. Here is an example. The deed contains the names of the current owner (the grantor) and the new owner (the grantee), the legal description of the property, and is signed by the grantor. Description of the land; Exact location of the property (state/county) Renting or selling details; Lease information; Legal Description of Property Example. Legal descriptions using the S-T-R (Section-Township-Range) system have to be read backward. Under the California Code of Civil Procedure 760.010 - 764.010, a quiet title action is a lawsuit filed to "quiet" title to real property, meaning that it seeks to establish or find a definite resolution to title between multiple . Wild blackberry bushes grow on both sides of the creek, which is the boundary to her property. HERE ARE A FEW EXAMPLES OF ITEMS ON WHICH A DESCRIPTION MAY BE BASED: A properly recorded file map A will or testament A judicial edict The taking by a governmental agency One of the first acts of the California Legislature was to adopt a recording system by which evidence of title or interests in the title could be collected and maintained in a convenient and safe public place. If this is the case, then your land still has a section, township, and range .

Collectively, you should use these three components to woo your audience. Yes, there are other definitions, but these are the definitions we are concerned with. To locate your county, visit here and enter into the search engine the city, town or zip code of where the land is located. the following described property, situated in the Parish of Vernon, Louisiana, to-wit:- Southwest quarter of Southwest quarter (SW of SW ) and West Half of Southeast quarter of Southwest quarter (W SE SW) of Section Eleven (11), Township Four County: LOS ANGELES. Sample Legal Property Descriptions Sample 1: . Similarly, to have a valid mortgage on a property, the mortgage also must contain this legal description. The legal description of a property example identifies a specific property's position within its township, content, and section. Examples of legal descriptions include fractional descriptions, lots of a subdivision, meets-and-bounds descriptions and course-and-distance descriptions. For example, a seller may not sell the property and exclude the orange grove from the sale. The county land records office will have information about a property's legal description. The records, dating from 1882-1972, reflect both McNiece's role within Westminster College and his broader interest in the community. 1112, 831, and Code of Civil Procedure 2077). If it is part of an attachment or appendix to the deed, the description will be mentioned in the deed followed by a note on where to find it . East 100' North 75' Not to Scale . Real property in the City of San Francisco, County of San Francisco, State of California, described as follows: PARCEL ONE: LOT 1, BLOCK 8722, AS SHOWN ON THAT CERTAIN MAP ENTITLED "MAP OF MISSION BAY ", RECORDED JULY 19, 1999, IN BOOK Z OF MAPS, PAGES 97-119, IN THE OFFICE OF THE RECORDER OF THE CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, AS CORRECTED BY THAT CERTAIN " CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION " RECORDED SEPTEMBER 16 . Townships run north and south, and range lines run east and west. Call for another document 5. If the boundary of the property conforms to a subdivision of the USPLSS, a legal description can easily be composed for it by identifying the section (or some fraction thereof), township, range and principal meridian for the subject land. It is also important that the legal description survives through time, or be composed in such a way that the legal description is not dependent on elements . All lands in the states of Washington and Oregon are measured from the Willamette Meridian. Some of them provide online searches. This was renovated with the most modern technology, and ceiling / wall heating and cooling ensure the desired temperature. You'll find most California property deeds at the County Clerk's office, also called the Registrar/Recorder office. There are no warranties of title. For example, each township is six square miles, or 23, acres, and contains 36 square sections, which are each intended to be one square mile (or acres). Conveyance of a lot passes title to any street adjoining said lot to the centerline, unless the record indicates the contrary (Civ. . Legal descriptions generally involve a . 20' 75' 80' 25' LOT 1 . The preferred way to describe real property is a combination of the above. 34.690236, -117.909345 Property Address: E AVE J, LANCASTER, CA 93535 Legal Description: TRACT . Frequently the search will also yield recording information for the deed to the property. Sometimes, particularly in older deeds it may be a description of the physical features of the land using for example monuments. It will also be used for a title search, and appear on the title . In that case, the deed title will probably . Quiet Title Complaint Example. Download the correct form, depending on the state in which the property is located and that state's requirements for correction deeds. . If you own land, a house, or commercial property and have external utility service, such as electricity, water, or gas, there is frequently an easement on your property, at least to the meter. Each township, for example, is six square miles (23,040 acres) in size and is divided into 36 square sections, each of which is one square mile in length (or 640 acres). The following is a list of other types of descriptions that are often insufficient to qualify as an adequate legal . "LY" descriptions 6. The legal description of a property example identifies a specific property's position within its township, content, and section. Property Ownership and Deed Recording California was admitted to the Union by the United States on September 9, 1850. Many of the real estate companies and online listing sites offer access or obtainable copies of this information also. A PARCEL OF LAND LOCATED IN THE STATE OF CA, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, WITH A SITUS ADDRESS OF 915 REAL ESTATE ST, LOS ANGELES CA 90010-3531 C059 CURRENTLY OWNED BY HOUSER HOMER J AND LOTS ROSE M AND HAVING A TAX ASSESSOR NUMBER OF 5090-012-034 AND BEING THE SAME PROPERTY MORE FULLY DESCRIBED AS TRACT # 8076 AND DESCRIBED IN DOCUMENT NUMBER 1020134 DATED 03/22/2003 AND RECORDED 04/14/2003. Pictures of the property. Sometimes this can be a difficult stumbling block for completing the Form. The deed can be a physical copy or most areas have copies of the deed available for review online. The County Assessor also maintains a set of internal descriptions, based on legal documents, resolutions or decisions . . So you might buy 20 acres described as: This allows third partieslike title companies and lendersto easily see that the document is being filed to correct a prior deed. The second is a lot and block description. . There are different methods of determining the legal description of . A legal description of property example written using the lots and blocks method is as follows: "Lot 22, Block 7, of North Lakes Subdivision #3, according to map or plat thereof recorded in Plat Book 54, Page 8, or the Public Records of Miami-Dade County, Florida." It can also be obtained from a county recorder, tax assessor, or similar official. The Legal Description helps real estate attorneys, title agents and closing professionals save valuable time and money by providing them with an all-inclusive source of breaking legal news, expert compliance advice and comprehensive case law reporting that supports their efforts to anticipate compliance demands, keep pace with regulatory and legislative actions, and provide their clients with . description.

We will then endeavor to discuss the various items impacting the creation of an acceptable deed description. City name - CN. One such example is Civil Code Section 2932.5 that provides, "Where a power to sell real property is given to a mortgagee, or other encumbrancer, in an instrument intended to secure the payment descriptions is both good and bad examples. A description of the property (this is where you can get the most creative). Reports for residential, commercial, and other types of Real Estate properties include similar data fields. You need to include this in your legal description. Prepare your legal descriptions to ensure this regardless of subsequent re establishments of lots. First off, let's look at the name of this legal description system. Sample Clauses. East 100' North 100' 60' 40' This top-floor, two-bedroom luxury apartment comes with a 12 sqm conservatory terrace which can be opened in summer. For example, the San Diego County Clerk's Office provides online searches. According to Law Insider, here are some of the sample property clauses that are typically used in a legal description of property. The legal description includes the property's boundary locations, the name of the parcel, the state and county where the property is located, and the name of a subdivision, if applicable. A section of land has 16 blocks of 40-acre tracts. Do not write a caption for your . You can find it on the existing deed that is, the last deed used to transfer the property. 166, surveyed by Morell and filed in the office of the Recorder of San Diego County, California, being more particularly described as follows: The legal description may have a border around it, or it might be indented to make it easy to spot. . The legal description pinpoints the location of a given property within its particular township, range, and section. The legal description of property gets created and recorded, often with a county tax assessor or county clerk, to identify a piece of property. 5513, IN . The best source for this information is from a previous . 9. sample legal descriptions 10. public land survey systems of the u.s. 12. oklahoma survey of townships 13. township plat sample 14. section quarters sample 15. section subdivisions and acres 16. government lots example 17. general information about bearings 18. protracting an angle 19. typical legal description: metes & bounds with a curve 20. A simple example would be a property line - any property line. The legal dictionary defines it as a "formal, detailed, and sufficient property/asset description that definitively identifies and locates a specific property.". That would be the legal description. Sacramento, CA . Today's case explores whether using only an APN qualifies as a valid legal description of real property. Code . A metes and bounds describes the boundaries of a property using a system that relies on physical features of the land and geography, such as roads, water features, and prominent landmarks and buildings. How to create a legal description of real estate that is sufficient to identify it for legal purposes.

Lot and Block (See Examples) There are Seven (7) types of legal descriptions You can not sell what you do not own! If you do that, you'll be fed the info like this: State, County, Township, Section, Fraction of Section, Fraction of that Fraction. Problem A-5 1992 LS . In some cases, this legal description can be stated very simply: "Lot 4, Block 8, Mineral Heights, City of Midland, Midland County, Texas.". PROPERTY CHARACTERISTICS. Make no assumptions. To create and record a correction deed, the preparer should obtain a copy of the current deed, and take the following steps: Step 1. 2. In order to transfer ownership of real estate, the deed must contain a unique legal description of the property that identifies it. considerable number of legal requirements, some of which vary in different states. Others require visiting their offices. Prepare legal descriptions for the shaded portions of Lots 1 through 5. Transfers of real property must be in writing and notarized.

Open Split View. Step 2. Legal descriptions note the precise location of a property, including geographic features such as bodies of water and easements.

The legal description will also be written out in Texas property tax documents located at the real property appraisal or tax assessor's site. An example of parts of a description follows: (Caption) All that portion of one quarter section 30 of Rancho de la Nacion according to Map thereof No. The legal description is an essential component of a deed that describes and defines the property that's bought or sold.

Enter the city and county where the property is . Year . You have been asked to prepare legal descriptions for the shaded portions of the lots below. Locate the appropriate government office. The legal description is a defined location of a tract of land by reference to a survey, recorded map or adjoining property. Emblements are annual Contact Info +1(559)636-5100 Phone +1(559)737-4468 Fax; Change 1: Add "Corrective" to the Title. One of the standard requirements of a lien claim is a description of the property that is to be subject to the lien. 11701 S La Cienega Blvd, 6th floor, Los Angeles, California 90045. A Legal Introduction to Easements.

The document is prepared by the owners or the landlords when they require to sell or rent their property. Legend for property description examples: Location name - LN. Each piece of real property can be very different from the next. CA Directions to Office Office Hours and Calendar. A legal property description is a way of identifying property to ensure complete and legal accuracy. Metes and Bounds 3. Of course, there are many variations in each category! Property Legal Description - Quitclaim Deed. If there is a driveway or road from a public road crossing your land to a house or field behind your land, this access . The legal description must contain, at the very least, the city and county the property is located in. File now. 01. Strips 7. This is why 40 acres is a common land size for land in the U.S. - a section of land has 16 blocks of 40-acre tracts. Real property is defined as any property that is attached to, or affixed to land, including the land itself. It may sound simple, but there cannot be any . The legal description is commonly provided in a deed, mortgage, title commitment or other purchase document. The legal description pinpoints the location of a given property within its particular township, range, and section. The amount of detail required in the description, however, varies . However, existing law includes examples where recording is required as a predicate to accomplish a defined public policy objective. For example, if neighbors share a driveway but access to . Part 1Finding a Copy of Your Property Deed. If the legal description of property is part of the deed, search for language similar to, "Legal description follows.". Quitclaim Deed - A quit claim deed conveys to the grantee and the grantee's heirs and assigns in fee all of the legal or equitable rights the grantor has in the property that existed at the time of the conveyance. The first is called a metes and bounds. APN: 5090-012-034. . An example of operative words of conveyance are "convey and quit claim.". Legal Description: TRACT # 2839 SW 54 FT MEASURED ON LOT 34. Legal descriptions of property, those all-important components of a Purchase and Sale Agreement, fall into two basic categories: platted and unplatted properties.

It's a written legal document signed and dated by the grantor. During the process of filling out the Arizona Quitclaim Deed Form, you will encounter the question of providing the "LEGAL DESCRIPTION" for your Arizona property. Therefore Metes and Bounds literally means Measurements and Boundaries. 1. Front footage of a property is the linear feet along the street line, or . Examples of deeds are shown in Figure 1, Figure 2 and Figure 3. For your reference, we have put together a quick reference with examples below. . For example, each township is six square miles, or 23,040 acres, and contains 36 square sections, which are each intended to be one square mile (or 640 acres). A township, for example, has both north and south lines and east and west lines with easily . Assume, for example, that the prior deed is a California quitclaim deed. A legal description is the written way of defining the property's location, boundaries, and any existing easements on the property. . A mailing or street address does identify the location of a building, but streets can change names, land can be divided, and sometimes the address won't even match the actual legal property description. 15-13 East 100' North 75' N . The description of the property as documented by the County Recorder. Required: Use only the information provided to solve the following.

Legal Descriptions . Examples of USPLSS Descriptions:The Northeast quarter of the Obtain your correction deed form. Bounds 2. Learn more about property law with this . Please consult a legal advisor. Last updated: Feb 25, 2022 4 min read. 1. A legal description of real property may be used in legal documents to describe .

LOS ANGELES, CA 90010. A legal description is a precise, legally meaningful and binding summary of a property survey. They are arranged into 18 subject categories. Including a portion of the alley In all the states, however, a deed must contain an accurate description of the boundaries of the property. . LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY. Mete means measure and bound means boundary. Only disclaiming person(s) must sign. In this example you would write the legal description for the portion with the "X" as follows: NE1/4SW1/4, Sec.12, T27N R32E WM or WM, T 27N, R 32E, Section 12, NE1/4 SW1/4. A person can find a property's legal description by checking the deed to the property. Each township, for example, is six square miles (23,040 acres) in size and is divided into 36 square sections, each of which is one square mile in length (or 640 acres). Every year, Pat hires a local crew to harvest her grapes. Enter the exact legal description of the property as shown on the current deed. This collection consists of the records collected by Robert G. McNiece, Dean of Westminster College (Salt Lake City, Utah) during his lifetime, as well as McNiece's biographical data and obituaries. Emblements Emblements are a specific type of fructus industriales. A property description is valid if it furnishes within itself, or by referencing another existing writing, a way to identify the land being conveyed with reasonable certainty. The Legal Description System 1. This becomes a matter of concern when trying to identifying a piece of real property. The primary purpose of a legal description is to describe a particular parcel of land in a way that uniquely describes only that property, without ambiguity (being vague). Legal Description of the Property APNs 559-117-14 and -15 That portion of Block 281 of National City, in the City of National City, County of San Diego, State of California, according to Map thereof No. Treat each shaded portion as the first division of each lot. 30ornia Legal Aspects of Real EstateCalif Example: Pat owns a home on 10 acres. This makes sense, a lien is an encumbrance on the property itself, so a requirement that the property to be encumbered be described is reasonable. Junior / Senior rights are based upon this principle . In many jurisdictions, the legal description is identified as a unique parcel identifier, a number that identifies the legal records, such as surveys and assigned plan numbers, that describe the specific parcel land. A legal description is a written recorded document defining the boundaries of a property. Your property description may also say a block and a lot number, which refers to a specific developed area of town, city, or housing project. OR: attach the description on a separate piece of paper labeled "Attachment A" and type or write "See Description in Attachment A" in this space. There are two main types of legal descriptions of property. This description should be bound in the legal frame and structures and it should read all the specifications of the property. It uses a public surveying system for starting points to help locate a particular piece of property. Basic details about the property (e.g., property size, square footage, location). When California Property Title is conveyed from one party to another, a deed is the instrument that used for this purpose. Public Land Survey System (PLSS) 4. In this system, the legal description of 40 acres might be the northwest 1/4 of the southwest 1/4 of section 1 of the designated township and range. A typical property description has three components: 1. the property. The seller may have sold the oranges as personal property, but the actual orange trees are real property and may not be excluded from the sale. The real estate attorneys at Talkov Law are well versed in a variety of real estate issues, including quiet title actions. Using the most recent deed to the property is usually the best way to ensure that the current owner's interest passes to the new owner. The legal description is a formal and detailed description of the property's location, and it can be found in the county land records. The first step is to change the title of the deed. A copy of your deed is kept at the local county recorder or assessor's office where the land is located. Written by the MasterClass staff. August 31, 2013. The shaded areas of the lots depict the client's intent. 95814 . Sample Test Questions . Detailed Property Report This is a sample of a Detailed Property Report. It usually appears on the second or third page of the deed, and may be indented. A lot and block description will simply list the lot number, the block number, the subdivision, the county, and the state. A legal property description is a way of identifying property to ensure complete and legal accuracy. Real property of course is land and anything built on it - as opposed to personal property like furniture, equipment, cars and practically everything else. But for title insurance purposes, the street portion must be expressly described if it is intended that it be covered. is by reference to the USPLSS. 348, filed in the Office of the County Recorder of San Diego County, October 2, 1882. Pat allocated part of the acreage for a small vegetable garden and seven of the acres to a vineyard. The . 3. A legal description is one that is legally sufficient to transfer describe the property. 4 min read. LEGAL DESCRIPTION. A property description is the elaborately defined details of any land or property that is going to be sold or rented.