Step 1. Braid Your Hair Dry Braid your hair when its dry, not when its wet. 7. 2.4 4. This will make it pull on your scalp less, and the braid will have a more natural look. Then repeat the braiding steps. Staircase Braid Perfect For Professional Environment. Step 1: Split your hair into three sections at the crown of the head. Spray your favorite light-hold hairspray over the twists, and wait until hair is fully dry. Then part it into 3 equal sections. Courtesy of The Braid Book. Then pull it back and tie it to other strands on your head. Grab a strand of hair and then wrap the braid around it once. Begin braiding. Take the braids out within 2 months to prevent hair damage.Use your fingers to gently unravel the braids from the spot where the synthetic hair attaches to your real hair. Ask friends or family to help with the unbraiding process in order to cut down the time and effort needed.Throw away the extensions once you have removed them.Wait 3-4 weeks to put new box braids in so your hair can recover. Your hair should be in the middle now. Tie the rest of your hair back with the scrunchie. You can also use a hair band if thats easier for you. Here is a video to answer some questions about I attach braiding hair to natural natural. The biggest trend on TikTok lately is using a satin headband to get heatless beach waves. Detangle first. Braid your hair. Grab a section of hair on the top of your head and place the center of the scarf behind it. Pull the floss and your hair through the bead. Master the basics The deep-conditioning step cannot be stressed enough, especially with smaller braids, because your hair will be plaited away for several weeks and miss those regular conditioning cycles. Prep first. Give your hair a good wash with a moisturizing shampoo for natural hair first. Don't forget about edge controls. When used with a metal retail comb, this styling product will make it waaaaaay easier to create those extra precise clear-cut braid parts that Stock up on braiding hair. Use a sheen.

6. [READ]Make a loop, put it around your strand of hair at the top and but the end of the string through the loop and tighten it.then you will have 3 pieces. Take the middle section and cross it over the right section.

How to French braid with a scarf.

Secure the small hair rows in place with clips or bobby pins. Discover short videos related to how to braid things into my hair on TikTok. Divide your bangs into three equal sections and then proceed to braid your hair. Step 2: Beginning with the left side, take one section and separate it into three small pieces. Secure the end of the braid with a scrunchie or hair elastic. Get the low-down on how to create a French braid below. Technically, you can start braiding your hair using just your fingers and a comb.

Watch popular content from the following creators: morgan sophia(@leilaharajuku), advice:)(, Amore(@mor._dadon), Golab Beauty (@golabbeauty), Gabby(@thatgirlnamedgabby), Julia James(@julbabyxo), johannawestbrook(@johannawestbrook), AnnaXJames (@annaxjames), Step 2: Prep Both Sets of Hair Extensions and Natural. #hairjewelryA little string goes a long way when it comes to adding Flair to plain Braids.Check out my hair jewelry packs. Watch popular content from the following creators: Molly Katherine(@scarlettohair), Gio(@giovannaamadonna), Ellen_porterr(@ellenporter1), Tiari Ramsey(@its.tiari), Paula Tasso(@paulabtasso), EverydayHairInspiration(@everydayhairinspiration), Drea Bby(@dreabby2), Chlo Wash, condition, and dry your hair as usual, then section it off. Build a tiny tongue, attach it on the back of your head but stop at the curve. Use a scarf and knot it on top of the head to obtain a modern look that will make you appear so much younger. Split your hair into the top of your head in three tiny sections. Tochterman breaks down the exact way to French braid below. Step 1: Divide your hair down the middle (two equal parts). Prepping the hair for protective styling is essential. So dont skimp on the deep conditioner! 3. 2. You may also want a hair elastic to secure the ends of the braid (unless your hair has enough natural texture to hold the shape). Clip two parts down to the right and first concentrate on the rest of the piece. Wet hair is really heavy and expands at least 15 times more than when its dry. Thanks so much of being here. Create three sections with the scarf and your hair. Braid the hair. Ensure that the line is straight from the front of your scalp to the nape of your neck. You will be doing yourself a favor by getting your hair braided by a expert hairstylist. Clip away the rest of your mane, so it 3. Halo Braid Perfect For A Date Night. Line up your hair beads in the combination you want and insert it into the beader. Undo the twists, finger-comb your hair and enjoy lively, vibrant beach waves even on fine, thin hair! Discover short videos related to things to braid into your hair on TikTok. Hey LUVS. Prepare from 6-8 small hairpieces for long and thick braids. 2.2 2. Next, move the left section to cross over its neighbor to the center position. Make sure to detangle all Many trendy braided hairstyles for women and girls are suitable for all face shapes. Move the section in your right hand over its neighbor, and swap which hands are holding them.

How to Braid Your Hair with a Ribbon: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Next, section the hair into four to six sections depending on your hairs density and length. Separate the smaller section into 3 even strands and braid by crossing one over the other.

Wash and deep condition your natural locks before braiding. Close to your scalp, braid the hair from the top of your head. Step 5: Repeat on Knotty strands will cause hair to snag and tangle while you attempt to braid. 2. From your large section, take a smaller 1-inch section and braid the hair normally. A detailed how-to for braiding hair can be found in Do a Basic Hair Braid. 4. Pipe Braid Perfect For A Messy Look.

Continue this pattern, each 2 10 Stunning Ideas To Braid Your Hair Beginners Guide. Situate this bundle between your 2 fingers in a line. First, decide where you want the braid. Having your hair braided requires a well-informed hair styling decision.

Step 4: Cross Over. 2.1 1. 4.

Step 2: Begin by first creating one-to-two rows of a traditional braid, crossing the right strand over the center and then, crossing the left strand over the center. Lengthening Box Braids with Extensions Download Article 1. Comb your hair thoroughly. Braiding Your Hair Download Article 1. Then, take the new middle section and cross it over the left section. Braiding a scarf into hair. That means deep conditioning for at least 30 minutes and blow-drying the hair on low to medium heat with a heat protectant applied. To start your cornrows, section off a narrow area of your hair. (We promise it's easier than it seems). Twist the hair away from your face. Slide the bottom bead down to the end of the braid, folding the very end of the braid upwards around the side of the bead. If you want to have short braid, you may need to take fewer bundles. Step Three: Braiding. 3.

Twisting your bangs will ensure that your braid will rest along your hairline instead of across your forehead. Step 4: Keep braiding around your hairline, up to your ears, and fasten it at the top of your head. Pull your bangs straight up from your head. Note that the bead you you put into the hair beader tool first will be at the bottom of the braid. Start box braids on clean, dry hair.

2. Stop once the braid is 4 to 5 inches long. This gives you three sections: The first half of the scarf, your hair, and the second half of the scarf. Two Braided Ponytails With a Scarf. Start at the first row at the front of your scalp and part it into 3 small sections: left section, middle section, and right section. Take a section of hair, get the hair moisture, brush your hair, and braid it tightly to the end all the way. Prepare your packages of braiding hair.Choose your braid hair in a color similar to your own, and get at least 2 large packages. When youre pulling the hair, gently tug at small strands rather than big portions of hair.Run your fingers through the hair when youre finished evening out the ends to remove any knots that might have shown up.

The right section becomes the center section, and the former center section is now on the your right. Pull the bead through the floss until it slides onto However, its a good idea to apply a light spritz of water or a dab of Styling Paste for added manageability. Secure the end by wrapping a rubber band several times around your hair and the folded-up end, right above that bottom bead. Take out a 1-inch bundle ( about 2,5 cm) of the hairpieces you prepared. Do the same with the Step 3: Following the "left under, right under," add small sections of hair as you work your way out. Whether you prefer box braids or Senegalese twists, when it comes to picking the perfect color for a new protective style, there always seems to be one big underlying dilemmathe color conundrum.Either your hair is its natural hue and youd like to try something totally new, or youre growing out a color and youd like to hide the evidence.

This can weaken or even break your hair, and it will also give you a different look than a dry braid. In fact, it is not difficult to find inspiring braided hairstyles for sophisticated females like you. Hair ribbons have been a huge trend, both on the runway and in the celeb world. During the process, y ou need to make sure your hair is braided tight and flat enough. Now you can start braiding your hair. Gather a section of hair at the crown of your head and divide it into three. Part the hair in a line down your forehead to the nape of your neck, then continue to divide each side section into 1-3 more rows. How to Braid string into your hair | Things you needs hair brush two small elastics string(at least 2 for the best results) siscors | First brush a small section of hair off to the side | Braid the extension hair until you have 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) left. Try the TikTok Headband Waves Hack. As stated above, you will require big hole hair beads that will fit your braid, likely ranging from 5mm to 8mm. Split your hair into two parts and knit two ponytails on each side.

Coil the ends of your braid around your finger to maintain curl definition. Twist all the strands once and start going to the left and on top, then to the right and on the bottom with the hair. Step 1. Keep wrapping until the bead is tightly secured. Begin By Sectioning a Straight Line of Hair. 2.3 3. Starting with clean, well-conditioned, stretched hair is a must. Waterfall Braid Perfect For A Prom Look. To loosen the braid a little bit and make it more natural, give the braided hair a few little tugs with your fingers under the braid. You can do this until you reach the end of the fake braid hair. Use a comb to section off a neat square 12 2. Divide it down the middle into two so you have a left and a right and then grab your lower ponytailMore Divide it down the middle into two so you have a left and a right and then grab your lower ponytail bring it up in between those two sections. And clip it out of the way. And then place your fingers. How do you do a simple ponytail braid? Create two small braids on the uncovered side. Step 16: Tie Off the Braid. Step 2. Step 2. Take the right strand and Choose a braid to add hair to, and continue 3.