The allowability of any cost should be determined by considering the grant's purpose, Carl D. Perkins requirements, institutional guidelines, and any pertinent Federal cost guidelines. Following are examples of allowable uses of Perkins funds: Salary for additional counseling personnel to provide a comprehensive career PERKINS V . Except where otherwise authorized by statute, costs must meet the following general criteria to be allowable for federal awards [SS200.403]. Examples of allowable expenses include minor equipment such as tools, gloves and other safety gear. The Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA) is a review of the career and technical programs of study offered by all Perkins eligible recipients.It is required to be completed by any secondary or postsecondary institution that receives Perkins basic grant funds. spend at least fifty percent (50%) of his or her time on a Perkins program); Legal under state and local law; Properly documented (and accounted for on a consistent basis with generally accepted accounting principles); Consistent with the provisions of the grant program (the Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006); and 135(b)(1)(A-F)) FUNCTION CODES & DESCRIPTION SUGGESTED USES 212 Guidance Services Funds may be 2 Approved by State Board 5/21/2018 Disallowable Expenditure Additional Detail Exceptions Carl D. Perkins Grant Travel Information Travel Related Expenses--Revised: June 2015 1) Mileage: reimbursed at the NCTC rate (currently $.50 per mile) 2) Airfare: allowable at the lowest fare available for reasonable travel 3) Taxi fares: for official business only (Tips cannot be Form is required for all new or returning (after an absence) LEAs wanting to apply for Perkins funding. In the above example, the district charges $1,303.58 as indirect costs associated with administering the grant. must be based on actual salary expenses. Perkins Disallowable Costs Guidance Allowable Uses of Funds: In general, funded activities must improve the quality of approved programs, enhance instruction, and align with industry standards.

following object codes. Costs paid by the school as a sponsor or host may include the following: Rental of facilities Speakers fees Local transportation Other items incidental to such conferences unless restricted by the grant *See Travel for regulations related to traveling to a Answer: Costs associated with participation in both in-state and out-of-state conferences are approvable as requested in the local application. Riverview Executive Plaza . Carl Perkins grant. Perkins Reserve Grant Of the amount distributed as local funds, no less than fifteen percent (15%) will be distributed for to promote and foster innovation through the reserve consolidated grant. determined by considering the CTE identified need and requirements of the Perkins V, and any pertinent Federal and State cost guidelines. Authorized byCarl D.Perkins Strengthening Career and TechnicalEducation for the 21. st. Century Act, P.L. On July 31, 2018, the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21 st Century Act (Perkins V) was signed into law.

Items must supplement and not supplant local funds. Perkins. Part 2: Budget Summary Column is wide because the basic template design is the same as other grants with multiple funding sources, while Perkins has only one. Admin cap is 5% of the total award amount. i provided with respect to the Perkins grant allowability of certain expenses.

Funding for the Perkins grant is provided through Title I of the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V). It went into effect on July 1, 2019. Perkins-allowable/CTE activities Teacher in-service trainings Training costs Alcoholic beverages Alumni activities Capital expenditures Childcare CTSO competition costs (facilities or awards) Commencement and convocation costs Donations and contributions Entertainment (amusement and social activities) In general, revisions for allowable expenditures may be made for up to 10% of the total grant without prior approval.

the basic allocation formula or added to the funds available through the reserve consolidated grant, which is a competitive process. Georgia Department of Education Career, Technical and Agriculture Education Perkins grant funds must not result in a reduction to state or local funding that would have o To pay for any expense that was previously paid by the local school district; this APPENDIX I CARL D. PERKINS GRANT COST GUIDELINES . Georgia Department of Education Dr. John D. Barge, State School Superintendent Perkins grant funds must not result in a reduction to state or local funding that would have To pay for any expense that was previously paid by the local school district; this Summary of Non-Allowable Use of Perkins Funds..16 . Total Indirect costs Allowed$1,303.58. Mailing Address: P.O.

Please keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list. 115-224 .

Erskine Glover, State Director Office of Career Readiness . 100 Personal Service Salaries Salaries . USE OF FUNDS GUIDE 2022-2023 . SAS# PERKAA22 & SAS# PERKAB22 PAGE 1 OF 36 Instructional supplies and materials may be purchased using Perkins funds. Perkins Allowable/Unallowable Allowable Unallowable Administrative costs (capped at 5% of Perkins allocation) Alcoholic beverages Audit costs in accordance with the Single Audit Act {0MB Circular A- 133) Alumni activities Career cluster recognition awards (certificates, plaques, portfolios) Bad debts (losses from uncollectible accounts) 1) Reasonable. A college paying salaries or wages with Perkins funds and lacking such a policy should put one into place to cover the COVID-19 crisis to avoid a potential finding on audit. They must:

Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG) U.S. Department of Education Non-regulatory guidance Consult the DPI Allowable Cost Checklist for Federal Funds prior to creating your grant application budget. Building 100, Route 29 South . Necessary means the cost is essential for the Awarded Applicant to accomplish the objectives of the New Jersey State Department of Education . An allowable expense under the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) must be used to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus. Upgrading technology, such as interactive whiteboard, software and computers may also be allowable provided they do not exceed $4,999 per unit. Allowable and unallowable examples are listed under each code to provide direction. Office of Career Readiness . Funds must be expended for reasonable and necessary costs in conducting grant activities.

PERKINS ALLOWABLE AND UNALLOWABLE EXPENDITURES This is not a complete list of allowable/unallowable costs as it relates to Perkins. Use of Perkins funds for personnel services and salaries is an approvable expense if it helps to accomplish the activities identified in the local application. ApplicationClosingDate---5:00p.m., Central Time September 3, 202 1 .

This law reauthorized the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (Perkins IV).. Perkins V is a federal education program that invests in secondary and postsecondary career and technical In this case the district would be allowed $2,189.80 = ($43,796 X .05). All costs must be related to the program as approved in the local application. Reasonable means a cost is consistent with prudent business practice and comparable to current market value. Documentation of individual staff time must be kept at the local level and detailed on the itemized printout submitted to NDE when claiming for reimbursement. The cited expenses, as well as losses, must not have been reimbursed

The allowability of a particular expenditure should be determined by considering the grants purpose, requirements of the Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006, and any pertinent Federal cost guidelines. If you have questionable expenses, please call or e-mail your Perkins Liaison (noted above) for further guidance.

PRF recipients must follow their basis of accounting (e.g., cash, accrual, or modified accrual) to determine expenses. Admin includes both Direct and Indirect 205 Jefferson St. Jefferson City, MO 65101 Map. Some things Perkins funds may be able to be used for in your state include software licenses (wherein Perkins Grant funding can be used to support eLearning platforms), field trips (federal funds might be able to be utilized to fund staff members travel to CTE leadership activities), work-based learning programs, career guidance and placement programs Examples of Allowable Uses of Perkins Funds In general, guidance on cost principles and allowable costs and the Guidelines Related to Specific Costs. Insurance or maintenance on equipment purchased with grant money; Personnel services that do not supplant; Operating expenses that do not supplant the activities funded must be allowable under Perkins.

allowability of costs, activities, selected items of cost, allowed expenses, fringe benefits 7.9 Allowability of Costs/Activities. Contact Us Main Line: 573-751-4212 Educator Certification: 573-751-0051 Allowable: All costs 2) Allocable. Funding for the Perkins grant is provided through Title I of the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V When in doubt, ASK! Summary of Non-Allowable Use of Perkins Funds..15 . The governing cost principles The government-wide principles, issued by OMB (or, in the case of commercial organizations, the Federal Acquisition Regulation [48 CFR 21], or, in the case of hospitals, 45 CFR 75, Appendix IX, "Principles For So Allowable costs must be R-A-L-A-U. What Is an Allowable Expense for Provider Relief Fund Payments? 3) Not limited by Cost Principles, and other laws and regulations. Dont miss your own very cool, one page Quick Reference Guide: Allowable Costs Total Funds Available will be visible. This is not a complete list of allowable/unallowable costs as it relates to Perkins. Heres even more free information. P.S. Allowable Unallowable

Box 480 Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480. Intent to Apply (PDF) Intent to Apply Form.

For a particular cost to be an allowable expense under Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, hereafter referred to as Perkins V (also known in Massachusetts as Fund Code 400 for the Secondary Allocation Grant and Fund Code 401 for the Postsecondary Allocation Grant), these funds must be used to develop, coordinate, implement, Perkins Questions Guide Allowable/Unallowable Expenditures 4 Allowable/Unallowable Expenditures-continued - Question: Under Category 600, Travel and Professional Development, what exactly can the grant reimburse? Salaries and wages charged to the grant for an employee who works from home must be consistent with the actual time spent on the assigned Perkins/CTE tasks shown on Schedule A. The page provides guidance on the types of expenditures that are not allowable uses for Perkins funds.

Perkins funds must be used to develop, coordinate, implement, and improve CTE State approved programs to meet the needs identified in the regions CLNA. This is not a complete list of non-allowable expenditures and there may be small differences between Local, Reserve and Non-traditional funds. As set forth in Perkins, the main priority is to close the achievement gap for special populations on the Perkins core indicators of performance. 2021 -2022 Perkins V: Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21. st. Century and Institutions . Food Food is: Not allowed in Perkins, unless it is travel meal reimbursement for professional development or an instructional supply in an approved CTE program. L. isa J. Gleason, Ed.D., Assistant Commissioner Division of Academics and Performance . Note: Capital outlays may not be an allowable expense for all Perkins Special Project grants. For Perkins there is only a Final Amount (no carryover). Recipients must work with at least one other regional PO Box 500 . CTEI and Perkins funds may be used to support CTE remote learning for FY 2021 and as needed. Perkins V. The federal reauthorization of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act named Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act also known as Perkins V was signed into law by the President on July 31, 2018. Perkins Grant Application Guidelines .

ALLOWABLE EXPENDITURES Administrative Costs oAdministrative Costs/Indirect costs (up to 5%) The allowable variance of 10% per budget cell does not apply to the amount budgeted in the indirect/F&A budget cell. 4) Adequately documented. Wyomings Examples of Allowable & Non-Allowable Expenses (Perkins V) Overview of the Perkins Grant Framework of the Federal Statute Purpose The purpose of this Act is to develop more fully the academic knowledge, and technical and employability The purpose of the Carl D. Perkins grant is to assist school districts and public two-year colleges in improving secondary and postsecondary-level career and technical education programs.

Online form necessary to complete the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century (Perkins V) Application for Funding, including the Budget/Expenditure Schedule. (1) Career Exploration and Development (Sec. All costs must be directly tied to the CTE program as approved in the local Perkins application plan. to allowable grant activities. Perkins IV allows a maximum of 5 percent of the total allocation to administer the grant.

5) Policies applied uniformly to Feds and other activities. All Perkins expenditures must be linked to the CLNA.