A Woodbury man is serving a life sentence for fatally stabbing his wife in the back during a jealous rage last summer. : There had been improvements in all four countries in life expectancy and in rates of mortality amenable to health care.

The rain brought the mercury down to some degrees and provided a break from monotonous routine. He said woodenly, "If I was alone I could live so easy." His voice was monotonous, had no emphasis. Log in. monotonous = uninteresting due to lack of variety. Those have gotten monotonous. It seems that helpful, community and family education to acculturate respect for the elderly in the community, teach proper coping strategies, use the elderly's experiences, and consultation with them could be a way to maintain a sense of usefulness, independence and to prevent them from sensing monotonous and . 3 4 Why write Monotonous messages every time and spend for this time?

Rephrase button. monotonous: 1 adj sounded or spoken in a tone unvarying in pitch "the owl's faint monotonous hooting" Synonyms: flat , monotone , monotonic unmodulated characterized by lack of variation in pitch, tone, or volume adj tediously repetitious or lacking in variety "nothing is so monotonous as the sea" Synonyms: humdrum dull lacking in liveliness .

Put together subjects that are doing the same thing. 3.


That wasn't the case for me.

At the High Court in Glasgow today, Lord Arthurson sentenced James O'Rourke to life imprisonment after he pled guilty to the murder of Dean David Ramsey.

: It is possible that he suffered a speech impediment, but this depends on a phrase in the introduction to his verse life of Saint Cuthbert.

Paste your sentence to rephrase. Nothing breaks the monotony of a long day in front of the computer like a wad of paper falling through a cheering basket.

; Tommy's hotel had outgrown the original modest building and was now modern and fireproof.

A noun for monotonous? Short & Simple Example Sentence For Monotonous | Monotonous Sentence It has been one long monotonous toil. Wiki User.

This involves using a verb in the -ing form. Write or copy and paste a sentence or few.

" My life is very monotonous , " he said ." monotonous.

Think about the meaning of words and put appropriate emotions to make words alive.

See more. A federal judge will sentence former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on Thursday, July 7, 2022, for federal civil rights violations in thekilling of George Floyd. That leaves no other time.".

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It's difficult to see monotonous in a sentence . Jul 5, 2022.

See more. A click, a pause and the monotonoushum of the dialtone left me feeling weary and drained. 2, It's monotonous work, like most factory jobs. Knowles, Jane Know Your Own Mind ( 1991) My best and worst holidays have been to Hawaii, where my parents go with depressing regularity. 14.

Her life is a monotonousroutine.

monotonous sentences in Hindi. ; There's a few things to note about this as a literary device; it is monotonous, it is facile and, worst of all, it is boring.

17 examples of monotonous in a sentence- how to use it in a sentence.

life will never become monotonous in God's new world! Example Sentences Create.

Namely, all words are pronounced with the same vocal power, with the tone of voice and with the same pitch level. Conclusion. The following are a few examples of incomplete sentences fixed by our fragment corrector: Example #1: "My dog swallowed a tennis ball yesterday.

. For several days the journey was monotonous and uneventful.

This is a sentence which contains the word monotonous. " This is just one of many uses for the modal "would" in everyday speech Below we picked expressions that a new learner will find useful The single-word adverbs of frequency cannot go in the front-position: I speak with my mother daily If it's your dream to enjoy a cream tea with the Queen, or treat yourself to a pint down the pub, you'll need to .

Number one is that all words in a phrase or sentence unstressed, or all words in a phrase or sentence stressed. 2.

Don't live a life which is monotonous, , 2. 7,000 characters left.

life in a sentence Life No Comments Life is not a bed of roses.

To avoid repetitive sentence beginnings, keep an eye out for multiple sentences in a row beginning with the same word.

3 2 Hem design:"Most popular hem today, fashion is not Monotonous. Life in a big city is busy and fast. Use "monotonous" in a sentence | "monotonous" sentence examples monotonous 1, She has a very monotonous voice; she should have it modulated. Dull, tedious, and repetitious; lacking in variety and interest. Define monotonous.

HMA v James Bernard Patrick O'Rourke. Modifying Phrases. .

Sentence variety reduces repetition in a piece of writing and adds emphasis to important points in the text.

Powered by Vocabulary.com The word monotonous has appeared in 48.

The use of different sentence variety in any story or prose is known to be one that can give it life and rhythm.

It means the person is going to stay in prison for the rest of his life.

Listas. What Is A Monotonous Sentence Grammarly.

3, The music became monotonous after a while. Still, Forsyth said, confining himself to thrillers became monotonous. Short Essay on Friendship is helpful to students of .

2 : tediously uniform or unvarying.Other Words from monotonous Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About monotonous.

; Probably munitions work is no more monotonous than most forms of work in modern.


When this happens, you can join the 2 sentences by getting rid of the repeated verb and listing the subjects together that are doing the thing. Tunay, hindi kailanman magiging nakababagot ang buhay sa bagong sanlibutan ng .

It's monotonous work, like most factory jobs. 3, Aircraft passed overhead with monotonous regularity .

Potluck: Incredibly Monotonous Slice-of-Life Drama.

A jury convicted Eric R. Holder Jr. of first-degree murder in the death of beloved rapper Nipsey Hussle who was gunned down in Los Angeles three years ago. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use "monotonous" in a sentence The palette used is monotonous, with variety from grayish-blue to brown.

see monotonous.

Meals during the Japanese occupation were monotonous. Monotonous definition: Something that is monotonous is very boring because it has a regular , repeated pattern. A sentence fixer online is a convenient alternative than spending hours trying to check your own paper. Since it involves repeating movements, raking leaves is such a monotonous task.

1. sounded or spoken in a tone unvarying in pitch 2. tediously repetitious or lacking in variety Listen to the pronunciation. Monotonous as a adjective means Going on in the same tone without variation.. ; But what at first is vivid and visually arresting gradually becomes bland and monotonous due to a sheer lack .

The affair broke the Monotony of their lives, and gave them something to think of; but, above all, it was an escape, and as such, something to sympathise with deeply, and stirred fibres in the poor fellows which had long been without any exciting stimulus; something like hope and a disposition to confront their fate set their hearts beating, for the incident seemed to show that their hard lot

1. Learn More About monotony. Public speaking is something that comes round with regular monotony. monotonous - meaning in Hindi and English.

"Crestfallen" Who am I to need you when I'm down Where are you when I need you around Your life is not your own And all I ask you Is for another chance Another way around you To live by circumstance, once again Who am I to need you now To ask you why to tell you no To deserve your love and sympathy Crestfallen, Chance, Circumstance


Log in. He spent the prime of his life in jails.

His poetry brought vigor to the stale, monotonous Spanish-language poetry of the time.

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6. A scene from "Potluck." (Publicity photo) "Potluck" is supposed to be your metro-centric, slice-of-life dramedy about a family. . . .

monotonous pronunciation.


Correction: "My dog swallowed a tennis ball yesterday so I went to the vet.". A federal court sentences 19 defendants for crimes against humanity against 323 victims Each life sentence was received with loud applause this Wednesday outside the federal courts of San Martn, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

The noun form of the adjective monotonous is monotonousness.The word monotonous is the adjective form of the noun .


On sentencing, Lord Arthurson said: "James Bernard Patrick O'Rourke, in this . Learn more.

I would rather lead a life that is not so monotonous and tough.

Monotonous in a sentence.

Monotonous definition, lacking in variety; tediously unvarying: the monotonous flat scenery.

"Throw away" unimportant words. 1, It's monotonous work, like most factory jobs.

Definition of Monotonous dull, tedious, and repetitive; lacks variety and interest Examples of Monotonous in a sentence Because Marvin was angry at his wife, he gave only monotonous responses to her questions.

; One blazing hot day, a modest and courteous officer of the regular army appeared in our den and introduced himself.

5. Define monotonous.

Number two is the incorrect use of pauses or no pauses at all.

2, The music became monotonous after a while. A life sentence is one of the forms of capital punishment in the United States. Another way to combine two sentences is by turning one of them into a modifying phrase. 5, Our team kept losing with monotonous regularity . For example, if you said I checked out an intriguing book recently, It was about computer systems.

Glosbe uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. After my studies, I got a job and that made my life monotonous.

Overall, most of the elders were not satisfied with the conditions. The dependent clause was combined with the independent clause. Liaise prepositions and articles to the main word.

The monotonous night of a plurality in which all cows are black.

The length of the sentence seemed too severe for me to comprehend.

Times, Sunday Times ( 2012)

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2011-02-01 00:49:41. 1.

Here are some examples.

At other times, such as now, it is monotonous.

Fix sentences online tool can eliminate any writing mistakes from grammar errors to sentence structure. A stationary object has no momentum.

They are capital illustrations of activity, keeping up their monotonous jog- trot for ever; while Napoleon, with his gigantic industry, alternating with such apparent idleness, is an example of .

Key Takeaways.

What does monotonous mean mean? Take advantage of this rephraser in three steps!

Use pauses in place of a comma, full stop and before stressed words.

Search: 100 Daily Use English Sentences. The music became monotonousafter a while. The punishment part of the sentence was set at 23 years. But in calm waters days were long and life was monotonous. 2. mind-numbing, monochromatic, numbing, old, pedestrian, ponderous, slow, stale, stodgy, stuffy, stupid, tame, tedious, tiresome, tiring, uninteresting, wearisome, weary, wearying Antonyms absorbing, engaging, engrossing, gripping, interesting, intriguing, involving, riveting Visit the Thesaurus for More Examples of monotonous in a Sentence Sounded or spoken in an unvarying tone: a monotonous droning voice.

Most often, repetitive sentence beginnings start with: a pronoun (he, she, I, they, it, her, his) a character name.

U.S. District Judge Paul .

Sentence Checker. After about 20 minutes, the yelling and posturing become monotonous. Looking for sentences and phrases with the word monotonous? Psalm 145:16. feeling oppressed by the monotony of human life. Example sentences with Monotonous "Almost as monotonous as drone boy's essay" "Always that monotonous sound of the rain" "And it would be terribly monotonous to list them all" "But it was the same monotonous boring routine each day" "But yer nights of endless, monotonous rotating have just begun" It has made our life easy, comfortable, pleasurable and luxurious. monotonous in a sentence example sentences No Comments Life is at times monotonous and dull.

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It is orange and white. Work is often monotonous.

monotonous synonyms, monotonous pronunciation, monotonous translation, English dictionary definition of monotonous.

A few have families and friends while some have lost their families, but, are backed up by friendships. They are quite monotonous. monotonous = lacking in variety of tone and rhythm.

Review 17 sentence examples with Monotonous to better understand the usage of Monotonous in context.

Click for more examples 1.

2. 6, The crickets stridulated their everlasting .

2. Stigmatizing example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste.

Learn more. 4. "I could get a job an' not have no mess." John Steinbeck -- Of Mice and Men. He describes Imperialism as "a Life without leisure is very poor. 4.

monotonous Use "monotonous" in a sentence 1.

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Sentence Examples He winked and blinked, and thought it all frightfully monotonousout there on the flat, and presently dropped asleep, sitting bolt upright.

; The monotonous flat scenery. A federal court sentences 19 defendants for crimes against humanity against 323 victims Each life sentence was received with loud applause this Wednesday outside the federal courts of San Martn, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

McKinley J. Phillips, 41, was convicted by a jury Washington County District . tedious sameness; sameness of tone or sound See the full definition.

Times, Sunday Times ( 2006) Let's begin with two conversations I have with alarming regularity.

3. Life is a mixture of joys and sorrows. 1. sinnimos.

Keep reaching for your dreams even when distractors try to slow your momentum. "I'm tired of this monotonous life" "Like the monotonous gallantries from your friend Thiago" "My existence a monotonous rhythm" "She cleared her throat before the monotonous beep and began" .

Find 50 ways to say MONOTONOUS, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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Example sentences for monotonous in popular books and movies. - The Porcelain Fat Lady. and pain.

How to say monotonous.

I know, it's very monotonous.

4, She has a very monotonous voice; she should have it modulated.

What is monotone speech? 3. Learn correct use of word. It would provide you some feedback about so your sentence, variety stating 3: similar sentences in a row consider changing the word order and that's simply based on . The second passage selection was a written 2-page letter to the Editor Each hiragana symbol represents a syllable Again, we find that diphthongs and long monophthongs behave identically Wolfram Community forum discussion about Joke generator: pool of words applied to text formula Sentence stress occurs when we say certain words more loudly and .

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Michael Mosley was given two consecutive life sentences in the 2019 stabbing deaths of two Franklin men at a Midtown Nashville bar.. Mosley was convicted by a Nashville jury of first-degree murder . 4, Aircraft passed overhead with monotonous regularity .

[13] For example, suppose you have the following sentences: "The cat is fluffy.

It is backbreaking, monotonousand requires skill. In 1987, when I was 23, my judge sentenced me to serve a 45-year sentence. Then, you can get rid of the repeated subjects and verbs that make your writing monotonous.

How to use monotony in a sentence.


His home country was and is a monotonous plain.

A life devoid of friendship is an incomplete puzzle to keep one happy. .

Examples of Momentum in a sentence. It is warming itself in the sun." Instead, you could write "The fluffy, orange and white cat is warming itself in the sun." Tips Former commander Santiago Omar Riveros and nine others accused of crimes against humanity perpetrated in the Campo de Mayo military compound during the last .

"I'm tired of this monotonous life" Holder's sentencing will be in .

The driver--we and the sage-brush and the other scenery were all one monotonous color. 7.

It was very monotonous, and time-consuming and tiring. "There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. 3 3 Combining work with your personal life could make your day-to-day less Monotonous. adj. Michael Mosley was given two consecutive life sentences in the 2019 stabbing deaths of two Franklin men at a Midtown Nashville bar. 0.

Jo tuned up, with modest satisfaction, and two or three couples stood up to dance.


"Man was born for society.


And time for love. Before: The politician spoke to the high school students. It is correct but monotonous. There is time for work. monotonous definition: 1. not changing and therefore boring: 2. not changing and therefore boring: 3. boring because of.

Life causes distress, it turns our feelings upside-down with monotonous regularity. ; As she had lived upon a small annuity, her whole property consisted of old furniture and a modest wardrobe. Synonyms: tedious boring dull uninteresting unexciting wearisome tiresome repetitive repetitious unvarying unchanging unvaried lacking variety without variety humdrum ho-hum routine mechanical mind-numbing soul-destroying prosaic run-of-the-mill uneventful an article (a, the) a conjunction (but, and) a conjunctive adverb (then).

Normally the term of a life sentence is 15 years, but it depends on a lot of factors.

Short Essay on Friendship 100 Words In English. monotonous adjective. Answer (1 of 4): I suppose it's normal for some to think that monotony would set in for a man serving a lengthy prison term.

However little He may be attached to the World, He never can wholly forget it, or bear to be wholly forgotten by it.

There are 10 example sentences for monotonous.

Got it! Iniciar sesin.

3. Mosley was convicted by a Nashville jury of first-degree murder .

Sentences with Monotonous. monotonous in A Sentence 1 It got little Monotonous.

He stopped his monotonous whisper and pointed to her.

Look through examples of monotonous translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar.

Because the basketball team has won six consecutive games, it has a great momentum right . It would make a break in the monotonous life. Learn More. So I went to the vet.".

Quinci Legardye, .

He took his station and began that monotonous round which had been a part of the life he loved best. Enjoy a paraphrased version of the text. Many people choose driving instruction to escape the monotony of a 9 to 5 office or factory based job.

. They are the filler breaks of the monotonous life. 1.

Our check my writing complies with top standards which guarantee that your paper will be edited based on highest writing guidelines. 1 : uttered or sounded in one unvarying tone: marked by a sameness of pitch and intensity. If the fundraising campaign does not gain momentum soon, we will not reach our goal.

and fail as invariably of securing success in life. Monotonous definition, lacking in variety; tediously unvarying: the monotonous flat scenery. Former commander Santiago Omar Riveros and nine others accused of crimes against humanity perpetrated in the Campo de Mayo military compound during the last . Unable to forget her, . One leads a monotonous life in the country. Her voice was very monotonous, and I soon became bored listening to her talk. Churchill returned to public life in October 1953 to make a speech at the Conservative Party conference at Margate. 4.

Sometimes it's not the subject of the 2 sentences, but the verb that's the same (or similar). In general the main elevations of the two ranges form pairs lying opposite one another; the forms of both ranges are monotonous, but the colouring is splendid, especially when viewed from a distance; when seen close at hand only a few valleys with perennial streams offer pictures of landscape beauty, their rich green contrasting pleasantly with the bare brown and yellow mountain sides. Monotony Quotes.

The former care worker argued he wasn't a mercenary but a

Note that a lot of sentences that has the same structure and length can be a little monotonous for readers and as such the use of different sentence style and structure can help to lower repetition and add emphasis thereby making . Sentence variety can be introduced to the beginning of sentences by starting a sentence with an adverb, starting a sentence with a prepositional phrase, or by inverting the subject and verb. The modifying phrase needs to modify a word in the sentence or it will become a dangling modifier.

The story deals with Don Cornelio, who in the beginning lives a boring and monotonous life as a typist in a notary agency.

, I 'd, typically check out novels. A small ant can take the life of a huge elephant.