Show Me St. Louis Realty


Project Manager

Katie Medeiros is the owner and founder of a new real estate office in town named Show Me STL Realty, a boutique realty office specializing in modern marketing techniques and social media to help clients get their home sold. With over 15 years experience working with a high-end client base, Katie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience critical in this multi-dimensional market. If you are looking for an agent on the cutting edge of real estate who will be focused on your home’s unique opportunity, Katie is the one for you. Katie is also passionate about educating buyers throughout the process so that they truly understand the market and the complexities of the homes ownership process. For your home and real-estate resource, choose Show Me STL Realty today! Inquire now. Please contact the phone numbers here! You’re in good hands with Show Me STL!

“ Kristin is an amazing resource and very skilled at translating what needs to be done into actionable items that the team can execute. She has been an invaluable member of our team and I would highly recommend her work as a project manager. While she is skilled at completing most tasks herself, she also has a team of people that she can tap into for leverage and cost-reduction. “

Katie Medeiros
April 2013