His invulnerability also enables him to withstand the harmful effects of both . His DNA was created from that of Superman and that of Martian . When the planet Krypton exploded, it was feared the entire Kryptonian society would be destroyed. But they are also more powerful than their Daxamite counterparts. Gender Male Height 7'8" (Kal-El), 6'2" (Clark Kent), 6'4" (Superman), Varies Weight Varies . Samuel Daniel Bromley is a Tri-Breed and member of the J.L.A.D.F. And while I know this is a hypothetical scenario involving fictional species, there's really no telling if these species could actually produce offspring, or if said hybrids would even be able to survive to adulthood. your mental powers beyond basic telepathy with another Martian are a crapshoot on whether they'll work correctly- though you'll never accidentally cause someone . Human-Artifical Intelligence Human-AI hybrids can be created through the use of a resurrection spell on a destroyed AI system, resulting in the AI system being 'resurrected' in a human body. Son of a late S.T.A.R Labs' scientist, Hunter and his sister Jane were apart of an experiment to create a new breed of metahuman, capable of surpassing the powers of the original Justice League. 0. . Kryptonians get vast superpowers when near a younger and more powerful sun. As long as they have been married, Kora and Hunter had always wanted to have children. The stories also use "Kryptonian" as an adjective to refer to anything created by or associated with the planet itself or the culture that existed on it. If for some reason the offspring are born with every available physiological and genetic advantage of both parents, it is quite conceivable that any or all Kryptomartian hybrids can attain a level of power rivaling, if not surpassing a Burning Martian with the added powers and abilities all kryptonians gain under the light of a yellow sun. Superboy, also known by his Kryptonian name Kon-El and his human alias Conner Kent, is a Hybrid human/Kryptonian, cloned from Superman and his archnemesis Lex Luthor, and is a modern . On the Planet Earth, the world was home to the human race but soon became home to another species that would make a huge impact. Invulnerability: Hybrid's Kryptonian/Green Martian Physiology allow him to withstand all forms of physical punishment. Draw power from both sides of the great feud. @KingK211 The reason I've never wanted to be a Martian is because of the fire weakness. Community content is . In the town of Smallville, as the name implies, it was a small town so nothing too exiting happened. A modern variation on the original Superboy, the character first appeared as Superboy in The Adventures of Superman #500 (June 1993), and was created by writer Karl Kesel and artist Tom Grummett. Red Sun: The other Kryptonian. Human/Kryptonian hybrid? Always so hard and cold." Gloria to Clark Kent. alien race originating from the destroyed planet . The existence of hybrids proved that Kryptonian and human DNA could co-exist in one being.

Human/Kryptonian Hybrids Category page. When Kal-El first arrived on Earth, it seemed he was the only Kryptonian to survive, and the amazing powers he evidenced . On Krypton, using evidence provided by scientist Jor-El, the Ruling Council sentences three attempted insurrectionists, General Zod, Non and Ursa, to "eternal . The Kryptonian Epic: A free massive hybrid film of musical segments, animated action, and second person narration, The Kryptonian Epic details the entire life of the DC Landisverse that began all the way back with Superman: American Alien. Clark Kent navigates his way through the rise of superheroes and villains as he dawns the mantle of Superman, all the while forming friendships and making . The Lone Stranger, Oct 9, 2013 #13 Last edited by The Lone Stranger, Oct 9, 2013. Extensive MAVEN data on the Martian magnetic field allowed the team to be the first to confirm . Fire can LITERALLY be shot from a Kryptonians eyes. Jon Kent) with Hybrid Saiyan growth potential + multipliers in the sun and zenkai,ssj,divine ki and ui on top of that Probably the strongest physical brawler in manga/comics with genius intellect and versatility as well. Kryptonian Physiology . The Evolutionary Army, also known as the Hybrid Invaders, is an army Meta-human and Enhanced Mutants. In most iterations Kryptonians gain powers from a yellow star by absorbing their solar energy. 2/6/2022.

Peter Ross (Earth-9602) Clark Kent (Earth-9602) . 1 History. 0. . I voted for a Kryptonian/Martian. Extensive MAVEN data on the Martian magnetic field allowed the team to be the first to confirm . Half- human hybrids can be made in multiple ways, either through sexual reproduction, cloning, or through genetic engineering.

Trending pages. Isn't that just a Martian anyway? . Clark Kent Conner (Human-Kryptonian hybrid clone) Krypto (Dog-Kryptonian hybrid) "Dick Grayson" "Conner" "Bruce Wayne" "Atonement" "Fallen. Superboy (also known as Kon-El or Conner Kent) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. It's not all about Superman. He had to grow up in a new realm and now he goes by the name Y/N, where he now is tasked with saving the multiverse as the darkness now seeks to corrupt the entire multiverse. EnemyOfDaState New Player. Superboy is a hybrid construct whose source DNA in the New 52 are Kal-El, Lois Lane and Jon Lane Kent, a hybrid Kryptonian/Human from an alternate timeline. View source History Talk (0) Characters who are hybrids, born from the union of a Kryptonian and a human (Humans (Homo sapiens)), or from bio-engineering of their genetics. - Darrian Namae. They seek value through accomplishment, which may push them deeper into their work. Human-demon Their . Kryptonian Hybrids are beings made up of Kryptonian DNA, as well as others. Kryptonians are an alien species with incredible powers. Fandom - DC. Published Apr 02, 2020. That meaning that Mar-Vell was a kryptonian-kree hybrid seems a pretty good opportunity to me. Kon-El: A hybrid clone created from the DNA of both Kal-El and Lex Luthor by scientists from Cadmus Labs after the former's epic battle with Doomsday. -powerful necro-beem that can access the soul of the enemy and either take it or destroy it Zuse's soul cant be controlled or destroyed since its made of the most powerful souls that existed, the souls of the nephilim. For his biography in the Modern Age continuity . Seeing her powers aren't native to Tamaraneans but more because the experiments performed on Koriand'r by the Psions unlocked her DNA potential. Human/Kryptonian Hybrid . Ongoing. Blood of my blood, born to destroy you! Despite being a pair of sad and traumatized Martian-Kryptonian hybrid, they are cute and everyone wants to adopt them. Hunter however believed that to do so would endanger the lives of both his wife and child, should they ever decide to conceive. The members of the Evolutionary Army were Meta-humans who powers similar to Alien Hybrids. Listed in Folders. Martian/Atlantean hybrid? Nam-Ek is a Kryptonian war criminal and member of the Sword of Rao, as well as the strongest soldier of General Dru-Zod and one of the first great enemies of the hero Superman. Kryptonian-Martian, American Religion Christian Physical Attributes. Since Mars has a patchwork of surface magnetic fields, scientists had suspected that the Martian magnetotail would be a complex hybrid between that of a planet with no magnetic field at all and that found behind a planet with a global magnetic field. Enneagram type three wing twos are afraid of failing and being unworthy of love. Aug 12, 2018 at 7:08. Notes: So Batman schemes to gather intel on Robert Vlad Maisters, his ex-Robins despair at the plan, and the adult Leaguers couldn't help but want to adopt a pair of cute albino twins. Later, he adopts the human name Conner Kent. They are superior to Humans in nearly all natural ways and have powers on par or even superior to those of Kryptonians, however they are a peaceful people, only using violence in times of war with their natural enemies, the White Martians. Artists - Arcsins. Hunter Vincent Bromley is a Tri-Breed superhero and member of the J.L.A.D.F. Kamala Khan (Earth-616) Gorr (Earth-616) Earth-199999; Johnathon Ohnn (Earth-616) Bruno Carrelli (Earth-616) Earth-616; Marc Spector (Earth-616) Michael Morbius (Earth-616) All items (1) .

4. Assuming they grow up normal, they being way past Base Superman tier (since Kryptonian hybrids are naturally stronger i.e. It was one day however Hunter . Superboy Beyond; gir; Ahimsa Kent . SnackySnacks 5. Add . He is the son of Hunter Bromley and Kor-El and the superhero known as Young Hybrid. Half Ghost (Danny Phantom) Dhampir. After all, the Half-Elf is a mainstay of the fantasty genre. See more from googledude. As long as they have been married, Kora and Hunter had always wanted to have children. KiTParty 101. Martian I'm a powerful psychic with ghostly like powers phasing and camouflage and shape-shifting that allows me to stay transformed as long as I want . He serves the Justice League as well, under the alias Hybrid. E-38 Supergirl discovers an alien inside a Kryptonian ship similar to the one she used on her journey to Earth and attempts to contact him peacefully until she was beaten close to death and her sister had to call on E-1's Justice League for help I don't own anything related the Arrowverse and Dragonball Super. Kryptonians are an humanoid extraterrestrial race of humanoids within the DC universe that originated on the planet Krypton. They avoid this by setting and accomplishing goals, in order to feel successful and worthy.

Josiah Carter-jones .

Hunter however believed that to do so would endanger the lives of both his wife and child, should they ever decide to conceive. Together with General Zod, Nam-Ek attempted to re-establish Krypton on Earth by bringing about a terraformation apocalypse (in the Black Zero Event), but he was ultimately defeated by Lois Lane and the United States . The Aspiring Kryptonian Comic Review REVIEW: Justice League: Infinity #2 . It was a very modest farming town, crops of corn could be seen for miles and the . .

The Kryptonian Saiyan Hybrid harpy81. Trending pages. Green Martians are relatively Humanoid with green skin and glowing red eyes. In the latest Kryptonian version of this character, Thara Ak-Var takes the mantle of Flamebird after she bonds with the mythical Flamebird entity. Their basic desire is to be admired and accepted. Earth-Three dimension Kryptonians' bodies gained their superhuman powers through the energies of Kryptonite rather than that of a yellow sun. Viltrumite human hybrid (INVINCIBLE) Kryptonian green martian hybrid (DC) Anodite human hybrid with spark (Ben 10) 2. End result is just Broly. She, like her uncle, possesses exceptional telekinetic, empathic, and . @KingK211 The reason I've never wanted to be a Martian is because of the fire weakness.